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Muskegon Big Red Band
 The tradition of homecoming, where old alumni are welcomed back to campus, has a long history at Muskegon High School

    The annual celebration dates back to the fall of 1934 at M.H.S. Following the action of many colleges across the nation, the school extended an open invitation for graduates to return and celebrate in conjunction with a football game.  The first affair, scheduled for Saturday, November 17, was designated "Old Grads Day".  Various events were scheduled throughout the day in honor of the visiting alumni, centered around a football game against Grand Rapids Union.  Muskegon emerged from the hard-fought battle with a 7-6 victory.

     For many years, a special section of the stands at Hackley field was reserved for old graduates and the 'M' Club, a organization comprised of former letter winners at M.H.S., presented the oldest member attending the game with a lifetime pass to all athletic events at Muskegon. Honorary 'M' blankets were given to others with strong ties to Muskegon athletics.

     Those honored included fabled M.H.S. band director William Stewart in 1950, George H. Hansen, Hackley field custodian for 27 years in 1951, Dr. Charles A. Teifer, team physician for 32 years in 1952 , and longtime Muskegon Chronicle sports editor Jimmy Henderson in 1954.

       Between 1934 and 1939, the game was played on Saturday. With the advent of night football at Muskegon in 1940, the game was moved to Friday night. Homecoming festivities were cancelled from 1942 to 1944 because of the number of former students involved in World War II.

     Over the years the focus has shifted away from the returning alumni to the enrolled classes. In 1952, Joyce Yonkers was selected as the school's first homecoming queen. In 1953 it was decided that every queen needed a king, and the honor was bestowed upon Maurice Bectel. Spirit Week, Class floats and banners, class competitions and homecoming dances have become mainstays of this annual custom.

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1952 No King Selected Joyce Yonkers
1953 Maurice Bectel Barbara White
1954 Jack Hesse Isla VanEenenaam
1955 Milton Reed Ann Christine Tergil
1956 Frank Glafke Peg Mixer
1957 Dave Cooke Julie Joneson
1958 Roger Locke Peg Wainright
1959 Terry Locke Rita Sayles
1960 Bob Green Linda Gay
1961 Bill Keur Kathy Beesing
1962 Terry Karnitz Jackie Gilbert
1963 Jerry Benedict Joyanne Druckenmiller
1964 Jerry Collins Louise Swanson
1965 John Christopherson Jean Crawford
1966 John Usmial Debbie Buikema
1967 Dan McShannock Ann Moore
1968 Ed Schroeder Laurie Holmstrom
1969 Greg Voss Nancy Erickson
1970 Sam St. Amour Cyn Buikema
1971 Jay Achterhoff Debbie Vanderplow
1972 Steve Wilson Sherri Slater
1973 Percy Scott Linda Gardner
1974 Aaron Morris Tanya Taylor
1975 Jeff Kenny Shelley Wohlfard
1976 Andy Achterhoff Terri Olson
1977 Jim Hanley Lori Goodwin
1978 Arthur Duren Linda Burt
1979 Dave Port Kim Boatman
1980 "Kirky" Sandford Sequita Jackson
1981 Derick Stinson Becky Iverson
1982 Tim Hood Brenda Cooley
1983 Darren Fairfield America Adame
1984 Brian Hunter Bridget Harrison
1985 Oscar Dye Brenda Hegedus
1986 Eddie Brown Kris Harris
1987 Scotty Townsend Amy Witt
1988 Ruben Townsend Cory Alexander
1989 Fred Townsend Alley Miesch
1990 Eric Sain Kristi Rahrig
1991 Gary Cheatum Kalana Harris
1992 Eric Alcorn Mary Moffett
1993 Charles Anderson Tamara Knox
1994 Hakeem Shabazz Chasity Dyer
1995 Bill O'Brien Kanika Starr
1996 Ryan Backstrom Lindia Kelley
1997 Rob Davis Kelli Arnold
1998 Paul Dye Wendy Young
1999 Greg Foster Sara Schertenlieb
2000 Sal Sanchez Adriana Nebedum
2001 Eric James Alexia Alexander
2002 Ricky Hubbert Shauniece Clay
2003 Davveon Taylor Monika Scott
2004 Tyler Stone Tasha Shines
2005 Gene Tatum Tia Farmer
2006 Ronald Johnson Tasha Banks
2007 Bobby Miller Whitney Davis
2008 Maxwell Harden Tierra Pearce
2009 Ben Carson Abbie Cotton
2010 Julius Johnson Molly Christopherson